Brad Pitt in Cannes


Ever Gabo - a doll!

Milla Jovovich might want to consider bringing a change of clothes in her carry-on from now on.

The stunning star was spotted wearing the same exact clothes for a Central Park playdate with daughter Ever Gabo today that she was spotted in yesterday.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2141015/Milla-Jovovich-wears-outfit-days-row-jetting-New-York-adorable-daughter.html#ixzz1uG6wuCU6

Ambrosio`s new baby! IT`S A BOY!

Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is said to have given birth to her second child.

The Victoria's Secret Angel, 31, and Californian businessman fiancé Jamie Mazur welcomed a healthy baby boy in Florianopolis, Brazil today, according to widespread reports on social networking sites.

Ambrosio's mother-in-law Michelle Mazur wrote on her Facebook page today: 'Grandson just born in Brazil!'
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So natural

Nicole Kidman enjoys her role as a mother so much that she's even happy to take her baby to work with her. But of course it's no ordinary existence.

The Oscar winner shared the spotlight with her baby girl Faith on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia‘s June/July issue which is out next week.

Looking every inch her mother's daughter, Faith who was pictured in little more than a nappy, showed off a matching shock of strawberry blonde hair.


Princess of China


She announced one month ago that she is pregnant with her second child. But Adriana Lima tonight showed she won’t be ditching glamorous red carpet fashion for typical maternity wear any time soon. The Victoria’s Secret Angel showed off her baby bump in a figure-hugging black dress as she attended the opening of the IWC flagship store in New York City. But her blossoming bump wasn’t the only thing 30-year-old Adriana was showing off as she also flaunted her toned legs in the very short frock. The dress had a beaded neckline and the Brazilian beauty accessorised with a large watch, black pumps and a miniature clutch bag. While Adriana stole the spotlight at the store opening, there was lots of eye candy on hand for the female guests at the watch brand’s launch. Hollywood hunks Chris Hemsworth, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello were all in attendance, dressed to impress in suave suits. The dapper men all posed arm in arm as they arrived on the red carpet outside the Big Apple shop. Victoria’s Secret model Karolina Kurkova also turned up, looking stylish in a fitted white boiler suit as she posed up with her fellow Angel Adriana. 
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One hit wonders wonder me.....

U taksiju ste, slušate radio sa nervoznim taksistom i ide “Funkytown” Lipps Inc. Pevušite, znate ritam (oboje!) cupkate nogom. Stižete na željenu tačku B. Otvarate vrata taksija i iz obližnjeg kafića čujete “Mambo No.5” Lou Bega. Opet pevušite i sećate se šta ste nosili tog leta dok je Lou igrao mambo. Pored vas prolazi momak apsolutno urbanog stila sa slušalicama iz kojih se čuje “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Bobby McFerrin. Njiše se…Kako je to super stvar, pomislite dok se odmah nadovežete stihovima “Born to Be Alive” Patrick Hernandez. nena-99-luftballons.
Posle uspešne kupovine ulazite u omiljenu pekaru po omiljenu krofnu. A tamo vas čeka Right Said Fred — “I’m Too Sexy“. Pomislite ‘pih i nije vam neka stvar za pekaru, zar ne’ kada odmah zatim počinje dzingl sa lokalnog radija gde su delovi Nena — “99 Luftballons” , Los del Río — “Macarena“, Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby“. Odlazite kući busom. Čuje se jasno i glasno My Sharona” The Knack. Obližnji ex pankeri, sada tate u busu sa kravatama, dok pregledavaju spisak za nabavku i loto listiće, u svojim mislima, bar na kratko, navlače kožne pantalone i sredjuju ludu frizuru i ponovo postaju slobodni i divlji. Their Sharona! 
Otključavate vrata. Ulazite, skidate cipele i naravno daljinski vas dočekuje kao i uvek. Dobar domaćin. Uključujete Vh1 I “Eye of the Tiger” — Survivor zaurla iz vašeg toplog stana. One hit wonders…. Vredi da se stavi prst na čelo?


Uh, Kavali...

Roberto Kavali uspeo je da se svojim komentarom uvredi Anu Vintur, urednicu američkog "Voga" sa kultnim statusom u celoj industriji. U intervjuu koji je dao za italijansko internet izdanje magazina "D.La Repubblica" Roberto Kvali bio je upitan kakav bi savet dao mladim dizajnerima, na početku karijere. On je prvo istakao da moraju da stvore svoj jedinstven i prepoznatljiv pravac, a zatim osuo paljbu po ženi od koje zazire čitava modna industrija, Ani Vintur. "Pogledajte samo američku modu, koja skoro da jeste moda. Užasna je i čovek to jedva da može da gleda očima, ali tu i takvu modu gura velika novinarka Ana Vintur, koja želi da sve žene budu poput nje i da se oblače onako kako se ona oblači", kazao je Kavali. Oči čitave modne javnosti sada su uprte u Vinturovu i njenu reakciju na ovakvu izjavu italijanskog dizajnera. 


Ja...ja prosto ne mogu da se odlucim...a vi? :))))

Tamang Phan!

She describes herself as just a 'normal girl who loves make-up'. But Promise Tamang Phan has gained millions of followers thanks to a series of YouTube tutorials, in which she transforms herself into some of the world's most notable celebrities. With the a few clever tricks, thoughtful planning and several sweeps of the brush, the Nepalese video blogger puts on a surprisingly effective impression of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson - even Michael Jackson - in a few of the dozens of clips on her beauty channel.

Novak honoured

Heidi and surgery - NOT

'I'm proud I haven't had any work done': 

Heidi Klum, 38, hasn't had plastic surgery or Botox... and she doesn't plan to

With most stars turning to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures at younger and younger ages it’s refreshing to learn one beauty is set on growing old gracefully.
Heidi Klum has revealed she doesn’t plan on going under a knife or needle anytime soon.
‘I'm proud to be able to say, in this day and age, I haven't done anything. Everyone has a view of what's not pretty and [plastic surgery] just doesn't look pretty to me.’
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Hollywood elegance by Clive and Kidman

They've teamed up to play one of the most famous literary couples of all time and Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen have now teamed up for a suitably sophisticated photo shoot.
The Hemingway & Gellhorn co-stars embody classic, timeless Hollywood elegance in the magazine pictorial.
Though their film is set in the 1930s, their outfits seems to have been inspired by the AMC series Mad Men, which is set in the 1960s. 
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Getting rid of SWEET habit!

Most of the choices we make each day — from the way we tie our shoes and brush our teeth, to the route we take to work and the coffee we buy when we arrive there — may feel like the products of well-considered decision-making but, in reality, they are habits. In fact, research has shown that more than 40 per cent of the daily actions we perform aren’t conscious decisions. And even though each habit means little on its own, over time the snacks we eat, whether we smoke, drink, exercise, spend or save, as well as our work routines have a huge impact on our productivity, financial security, health and happiness. But while most of the time we know if we’ve developed a bad habit, it can prove almost impossible to break. No matter how many times you say you’ll give up smoking tomorrow or even just skip that afternoon chocolate bar, when it comes to the crunch, good intentions fly out of the window. However, it doesn’t need to be like that, says investigative reporter Charles Duhigg. His new book The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do And How To Change promises to be the key to help us break our bad behaviour patterns. Duhigg uses the example of a 34-year-old woman called Lisa Allen, who had been smoking and drinking since she was 16 and had struggled with obesity for most of her life. In her 20s, she’d amassed £7,500 in debts and her longest job had lasted less than a year. Charles Duhigg's new book promises to be the key to help us break our bad behaviour patterns Charles Duhigg's new book promises to be the key to help us break our bad behaviour patterns Three years later, however, she’d given up cigarettes and alcohol, lost more than 4st and run a marathon. She’d also begun a masters degree and bought a home. So, how had she managed to change her life in such a short space of time? Incredibly, reveals Duhigg, it all began with her deciding to drop just one of her bad habits — smoking. Lisa’s marriage had broken down and, after much wallowing, she booked a flight to Cairo, a city she’d always wanted to visit. While in Egypt, she decided she wanted to go trekking, but was seriously out of shape. So Lisa vowed to give herself a year to prepare — a year in which she would need to give up smoking to be healthier. Over the next six months, Lisa replaced smoking with jogging. In turn, this simple change altered how she ate, work and slept. That small decision in Cairo — the conviction that she had to give up smoking to accomplish her goal — had sparked off a series of changes that radiated to other parts of her life. When scientists studied her brain in a series of scans, they found something remarkable. One set of neurological patterns — her old habits — was being overridden by new patterns. The researchers could still see the neural activity of her old behaviours, but those impulses were being pushed out by the new urges. As Lisa’s habits were changing, so was the physiology of her brain. Lisa’s scans showed she hadn’t lost the urge to overeat. When her eyes saw food, the areas in the brain that control cravings and hunger still responded. But over the year, activity in the area where self-discipline starts had become more active. All of which means that, like Lisa, it is possible for us to learn how to banish bad habits. 
HOW HABITS ARE FORMED They emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort, say scientists. Our brain converts sequences of actions into automatic routines, known as ‘chunking’. This process is at the root of how habits form. We rely on dozens, if not hundreds, of behavioural chunks every day. Some are simple: squeezing toothpaste on to a brush before putting it into your mouth. Others, such as making lunch, are a little more complex. 
 THE THREE-STEP LOOP Habits are created by a three-step process or ‘loop’. First comes a trigger that cues the brain to go into automatic mode to choose which habit to use — anything from a smell, a place, a time of day, an emotion, or the company of certain people can start it off. Next comes the routine. It can be something physical, mental or emotional, and range from an extremely simple action to something complex, from eating, drinking or smoking to putting on the kettle. Finally, there comes a reward that helps the brain figure out if this particular loop is worth remembering for the future. This could be the feeling that alcohol, food or nicotine induces, or an emotional pay-off, such as a sense of pride or achievement. Over time, this loop — cue-routine-reward — becomes increasingly automatic, and the cue and reward become intertwined until a powerful sense of anticipation emerges. Just the sight of cigarettes, for example, is enough for the brain to crave a nicotine rush. If it doesn’t arrive, the craving grows, until the smoker reaches, unthinkingly, for a cigarette. 
GOOD AND BAD HABITS ARE EQUAL Habits never really disappear — they are encoded into the structures of our brain. Once we develop a habit of opening a bottle of wine when the children go to bed or snacking on biscuits mid-afternoon, those patterns always remain inside our heads. So far as the brain is concerned, it doesn’t matter if these habits are good for us or bad. In fact, it can’t tell the difference. All that matters is that a loop of behaviour has been formed that brings a reliable reward. By the same rule, however, if we learn to create new neurological routines to replace unhelpful behaviours — if we take control of the habit loop — we can force those bad tendencies into the background, just as Lisa Allen did after her trip to Cairo.Once someone replaces a bad pattern with a good pattern, studies show the healthy habit — be it drinking tea instead of wine or rejecting the biscuits — can become as automatic as any other habit. 
HABITS ARE POWERFUL BUT DELICATE Studies indicate that families don’t intend to eat fast food on a regular basis. But driving home after a long day when the children are starving, it’s tempting to stop at McDonald’s or Burger King ‘just this once’. But what happens is that this behaviour slowly becomes once a week, then twice a week — until a family is consuming an unhealthy amount of fast food. When researchers tried to understand families’ behaviour, they found a series of cues and rewards. Every branch of McDonald’s, for instance, looks the same — it deliberately tries to standardise the architecture and what employees say to customers so everything is a consistent cue to trigger eating routines. Even these powerful habits are delicate, though. When a fast food restaurant closes down, disrupting the habit loops of its customers, families that previously ate there will often start having dinner at home. 

 CREATING A NEW CRAVING If you want to develop a new, positive habit, perhaps running each morning, it’s essential you choose a simple cue — such as leaving your trainers and running clothes next to the bed the night before. You also need a clear reward — perhaps charting how far you have run or luxuriating in the shower as the neurochemicals released by exercise flood your body with wellbeing. But studies have also shown that cues and rewards on their own aren’t enough for new habits to last. Only when your brain starts expecting the reward — craving the endorphins or the sense of accomplishment — will it become a habit to lace up your trainers each morning. In other words, as well as triggering a routine, the cue must also create an expectation of a reward. To kick-start the process, you can bolt on an even more attractive reward: a small piece of chocolate or a big breakfast when you finish your run. Extra food might seem a counterproductive reward for exercise if your aim is to lose weight. But the goal here is to train your brain to associate a cue (running gear by the bed) with a routine (going out for a run) and a reward (chocolate!). In time — maybe weeks, maybe months — your brain will so closely associate exercise with a sense of reward that you won’t need the chocolate; it will just focus on the feelgood neurochemicals released by exercise. 
LEARNING A NEW LOOP We can learn new habits but we can never truly extinguish the old ones. To change a habit, you must strive to replicate the good feelings you get from bad patterns by swapping the bad pattern with a good one. For example, Alcoholics Anonymous asks alcoholics to identify the rewards they get from drinking — it’s often escape, relaxation, companionship, the blunting of anxieties and emotional release. The physical effects of drinking are usually far down the list. In order to offer alcoholics the same rewards they get at a pub, AA builds a series of meetings and companionship to offer as much escape, distraction and catharsis as a night out drinking would. It creates new patterns for what to do each night instead of hitting the bottle, inserting new routines into old habit loops. So, if you want to stop eating biscuits in the afternoon, identify your cue and your reward. Is the reward you are seeking to satisfy hunger? Or is it actually to alleviate boredom? If the latter, you can easily find another routine, such as taking a quick walk or seeking out a colleague for a chat. Change can happen. Alcoholics can stop drinking, smokers can stop puffing, you can stop biting your nails or eating biscuits every afternoon. But there’s one more vital ingredient in changing a habit — belief. For habits to permanently change, we must believe that long-term change is possible. Start believing today! 
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Da li koristim twitter? Odgovor je DA!

U svetu gde je trenutna informacija apsolutni hit i gde je senzacija takođe bitan deo dana imati twitter je u neku (čitaj ipak svaku) ruku prednost. Ostavićemo za trenutak poslovni i obrazovni aspekt na stranu – razloge zbog kojih se uglavnom socijalne mreže podržavaju, ali i veoma lako opravdavaju. Bacimo se na aspekt novosti. Svedok ste da jednu istu vest prenosi dnevno više stanica, medijskih kuća…Svi na svoj način. Tu opet postoji jedna od kojih sve kreće. Za naše dnevne vesti u Srbiji glavni izvori su npr. Daily Mail, US today, Just Jared i ostali jako apdejtovani sajtovi o svetu show biznisa, sporta, politike, kulture… Međutim, i iza njih stoji neko, a ime mu je twitter. Danas, ako neko kao npr. top celebrity, socialite ili čak lokalni političar želi da iznese svoj stav, prikaže gde je i šta radi, ostvari sebi trenutnu popularnost i da mu par reči ODMAH obidju svet, uradiće to preko ove mreže. U svakom slučaju prednost je što ste vi, samim tim što ste follower neke od gore pomenutih ‘kategorija apsolutno informisani, te ne morate sutra u vestima da čujete to isto samo prevedeno ili prilagođeno ili da gubite vreme na razne članke novinara – adaptera – prevodioca. Dakle, twitter u ruke i uzivajte…
Twitter i njegovi servisi mogu se vrlo interesantno koristiti i u poslovnom okruženju, kao i iskoristiti za različite pristupe u pogledu promocije, marketinga, odnosa sa klijentima i to sve u okviru dozvoljenih 140 karaktera. Veoma je bitno da se pojavite, registrujete i da taj servis svakodnevno koristite. Postoje pojedinci, firme…koji iz znatiželje pokrenu twitter ili facebook nalog, a onda ga zaborave. To vama ne sme da se dogodi! Socijalne mreže služe za povezivanje, komunikaciju i kontakte, ali STALNE, ne povremene. Dakle, u poslovne i profesionalne svrhe umrežite se sa ljudima iz struke, menjajte mišljenja, učestvujte na forumima, dajte savete, tražite savete, povežite vaš twitter sa facebook profilom i na kraju budite malo i intrigantni. Ne očekujete istu reakciju ako npr. Adriana Lima ili Rihanna tvituju svoju sliku sa novom frizurom ili u provokativnoj pozi i kada npr snime nebo tog jutra nad LA-om. Tako i vi. Nije isto ako ste svojim komentarima ’mlaki’ i ’nevidljivi’ i ako vaše reči odzvone i za vas se čuje. Gradite svoju reputaciju na socijalnim mrežama baš kao i vaš lični i individualni profil i kredibilitet. Najbolja stvar u svemu ovome je što su twitter i facebook besplatni i dostupni. Dakle, nema press konferencija, nema saopštenja. Uključite twitter i poslujte, edukujte se, zabavite i budite prvi obavešteni!


You are what you buy!

If you had $100 left in your wallet, would you go to dinner with friends or buy a new dress from H&M? How you answered could define your happiness, your likability, and your overall outlook on life. Two recent studies have come up against the old adage 'money can't buy happiness', concluding that materialistic buyers were less happy, and even less liked, than experiential spenders. People generally believe that being able to purchase material possessions will improve their lives. However, psychological research suggests that people who spend money on travel, food and other cultural experiences were able to get along better with others, feel less anxiety in social situations and had a greater overall well-being than those who spent their money on a pair of this season's shoes. Nearly 10,000 people answered online questionnaires about their personality and purchasing habits in a study conducted by researchers at San Francisco State University. The results were published this January in the Journal of Positive Psychology, where researchers calculated that an 'experience shopper' had greater overall life satisfaction than a material consumer. One of the reasons for increased happiness for experiential spenders, is that they are risk takers, said Ryan Howell, an assistant professor at San Francisco State and the study’s lead researcher. 'You are taking a bigger risk on a night at a new restaurant or play,' he said. 'You can’t return a trip or a meal the way you can return something from a store.' Another reason, the researchers found, was that people felt a greater sense of vitality or 'being alive' during the experience and then later, in reflection, Howell said. 'As nice as your new computer is, it's not going to make you feel alive,' he said. The initial joy of acquiring a new object, such as a new outfit, fades over time after the person becomes accustomed to seeing it every day, experts said. Experiences, on the other hand, continue to provide happiness through memories long after the event occurred. Researchers believe their findings will be helpful in making people who naturally find themselves drawn to material purchases more aware that life satisfaction and happiness can be influenced by their spending habits. This study reflected similar findings by researchers at the University of Colorado who found that materialistic buyers were less well-liked by their peers than experiential buyers were. Published in 2010 in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, participants expressed negative stereotypes of materialistic people, considering them to be more selfish and self-centered than experiential people. While these impressions were mostly attributed to the inherent reputation of materialistic people, rather than an admiration for experiential people, participants said they found the experiential shoppers more charismatic and wanted to spend time with them. By comparison, they found the materialistic shoppers shallow. The stigma of materialism also led participants to dislike discussions based on materialistic, rather than experiential, purchases. Experts also point out that people are less self-conscious when comparing experiences than they are when sharing stories of material possessions. It will probably bother you more that your friend bought the latest Prada heels you have been coveting, than if she saw more historic and grand sights on her trip to India. You would probably like her more for it, too. 
Daily Mail

Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again ft. Pitbull

The Time za Novaka

Najbolji svetski teniser Novak Đoković trenutno zauzima 13. mesto na listi kandidata magazina Tajm za 100 najuticajnih ličnosti sveta u 2012. godini. Trenutno prvo mesto na listi zauzima hakerska grupa Anonimus sa 261.196 glasova, ispred indijskog političara Narendra Modija (230.829) i menadžer poznatog internet portala "Reddit" Erika Martina (136.619). Od sportista ispred Đokovića su samo košarkaš Njujork Niksa Džeremi Lin, na šestom mestu sa 82.143 glasa i najbolji fudbaler Barselone Lionel Mesi (70.973). Interesantno je da se prema dosadašnjim rezultatima glasanja, iza srpskog tenisera, pored ostalih, nalaze pevačica Lejdi Gaga, predsednik SAD Barak Obama i glumac Džordž Kluni. Posetioci sajta Tajm magazina mogu da glasaju do večeras, a konačna lista kandidata biće objavljena 17. aprila. "Đoković je istorijsku, 2011. godinu završio na prvom mestu na ATP listi sa zaradom od 12,6 miliona dolara od nagrada na turnirima. Osvojio je tri Grend slema i dobio svih šest finala protiv Rafaela Nadala. Nakon ovogodišnjeg fantastičnog finala turnira u Australiji, najveća današnja zvezda tenisa je na četvrtini puta da, posle Roda Lejvera, postane prvi igrač koji je postao vlasnik sve četiri Grend slem titule u jednom trenutku", navodi se u obrazloženju Tajma. 
Vote for Djokovic/ Glasajte za Djokovica:

Rihanna for Elle

New lingerie

Looking at lingerie campaign like Myla's latest spring/summer offering, it's impossible to ascertain which of the rising emotions it ignites in us is the most powerful. Is it the desire to own every scrap of silk and lace in the masterful collection, or the desire to somehow, some day, have a body like the star of the collection's campaign, American model Le Call? Whichever it is, it's fair to say that the seductive spring/summer campaign is a roaring success. The 30-year-old model showcases the 'flirty and feminine' new collection, which is a symphony of luxurious silks and French leavers lace in delicate hues of pearl grey and shell, shot through with vibrant spice and sultry damson. 

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Love Hwitt says mmmm for Levine!

Jennifer Love Hewitt claims she's happily single, but in the same breath says she is always on the look out for a prospective boyfriend. Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show today, the Client List actress, said: 'I always have my eyes out....I just read two days ago that Adam Levine is single again ... I'm just saying.' The Maroon 5 frontman and judge on The Voice is single again, having recently split from his girlfriend of two years, model Anne Vyalitsyna. 


Little Jackson is the coolest kid ever :)

'He is the coolest kid ever': Charlize Theron opens up on adopted baby Jackson as she graces the cover of Vogue She surprised her fans with the unexpected announcement last month that she had adopted a baby boy. But Charlize Theron has revealed that becoming a mother was something she had been planning for some time. Speaking to the May issue of Vogue, the 36-year-old says: 'I’ve always been very honest in saying I wanted a family. I’ve always known I wanted a family.' Admitting that she felt under the same pressure as so many daughters, Charlize revealed: 'I don’t think my mom could wait any more! 'Jackson is incredible, the greatest gift,' she added. 'He is the coolest kid ever.' Theron released a statement three weeks ago announcing that she had become the proud mother of a 'healthy baby boy.' Asked what kind of mother she hopes to be, Charlize looked to her own beloved mother Gerda, whom she is incredibly close to, as her guide. 'I hope to be like my mom,' she told the magazine. 'Fair, tough, loving and supportive. My mom has made it possible for me to be who I am. Our family is everything. Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence.' Vogue Charlize to oozes a high-glamour, Mad Men vibe on the cover of Vogue. With perfectly groomed hair and wearing an ice blue gown, the stunning actress emits a Grace Kelly-esque aloof allure. Inside, the Prometheus star reclines luxuriantly on a bed wearing a pink gown with a plunging neckline, in beautiful, ethereal shots taken by esteemed photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Modelling comes naturally to the blonde beauty, but Charlize says her career in that field never took off because she was born a decade too late. 'I was too tall, too big, too late for the supermodel look of the Eighties. Kate Moss and all the tiny, grungy girls had just become fashionable, and I didn’t fit the bill.' 'I’m sure there are women who never have to worry about what they eat. But I do. I exercise a lot, and I hike a lot. My mom and I hike at least three times a week.' To read the full feature, buy the May issue of Vogue, on sale from Monday 9th April. 
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2125388/Charlize-Theron-opens-adopted-baby-Jackson-graces-cover-Vogue.html#ixzz1rALrYJhw

Google googles

Google goggles are here! Watch video of the mind-boggling techno-glasses which layer Maps, email and web searches OVER your view of the world
Google has taken the wraps off techno-glasses which add emails, Google searches and even directions over your view of the world. The glasses - unveiled via a Google Plus page, Project Glass, are voice-controlled, and offer GPS directions as well as email and video chat through a built-in screen directly in front of a user's eyes. The glasses are a product of Google's 'Google X' blue-sky ideas lab - and the search giant is looking for ideas to improve them. 'We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t,' says Google. The glasses appear to run a variant of the Android operating system, using the same microphone icon and other recognisable parts of Google's mobile OS. The glasses layer information 'over' the world, and offer directions - as well as allowing users to 'locate' one another in the real world, as with Google's current Latitude system. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2125139/Google-Project-Glass-video-Glasses-layer-Maps-email-web-searches-OVER-view-world.html#ixzz1r9ZXaJd5

Twitter how, why glossary and stuff

Twitter Glossary
Twitter users have developed short-form syntax to make the most of 140 characters. Here are the fundamentals.
Mention Once you've signed up and chosen a Twitter username, you and others can mention an account in your Tweets by preceding it with the @ symbol, eg: "Glad your shipment arrived @janesmith!"
Retweet When you see a Tweet by another user that you want to share, click Retweet below it to forward it to your followers instantly.
Message If you want to privately Tweet to a particular user who's already following you, start your Tweet with DM or D to direct-message them, eg: "DM @joesmith234 what is your order number?"
Hashtag Users often prepend # to words in their Tweets to categorize them for others eg: "Check out our new products for the Fallhttp://t.co/link2 #fallsale" Think of hashtags as the theme of your Tweet. Users can then click on a hashtag to see other similarly-themed tweets and find yours in search.


To Rome with Love!

Check out the trailer for Woody Allen‘s new film To Rome With Love, which he directed, wrote, and also stars in. The movie “is comprised of four separate vignettes and tells the story of a number of people in Italy – some American, some Italian, some residents, some visitors – and the romances and adventures and predicaments they get into.” Penelope Cruz (who worked with Woody in 2008′s Vicky Cristina Barcelona), Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, and Ellen Page co-star in the flick, out June 22. Judy Davis, Alison Pill, and Greta Gerwig round out the cast.

Kate in new advert